The road crossing between Drégelypalánk and Ipolyhídvég was a long-awaited project of the people living in this region. Our duty was the detailed design as well as to make the technology plans for the construction. The triangular cross-section of the arches is made out of steel plates, which came to be a challenging task to design properly.

The monolithic concrete deck is longitudinally pre-stressed and suspended by hangers to the arches in a network arrangement. The scaffolding of the concrete deck had special design requirements; not only did the supporting elements have to hold the liquid concrete, but it also provided the steel frame with spatial stiffness, which was unstable without the solid concrete deck. After the completion of the deck and layering the asphalt, the hanger forces were measured by using accelerometers. Based on our results, the tuning of the hanger forces could be made.