The Kőröshegy Viaduct is the longest and highest bridge of Hungary. The design for approval for the 17-span, continuous, prestressed concrete beam bridge was made by Pont-Terv Zrt. The detailed plans were prepared by Pont-Terv Zrt. and Hídépítő Zrt. The cross-section of the superstructure is a haunched two-cell box section, which carries 2×2 traffic lanes and sidewalks.

The bridge was built partly with the cantilever method, partly with an auxiliary erection bridge lifting the precast elements to their places. Due to the curvature (R=4000m) and the elevation (2.86%) of the bridge special solutions were applied at the design of the bearings and the expansion joints as well.

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Construction Award of Merit – 2008

fib – Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures – Nominated – 2010