Large bridges

New bridge over the Tisza at Vásárosnamény
Length of the bridge: 216.66 m
Width of the bridge: 14.70 m
Spans: 56.95m + 101.70m + 56.95m
Traffic lanes: 4.15m fot/cycle road + 8.50m carriageway + 1.50m sidewalk
Loading class: Közúti "A" (800 kN)
Structural depth: 2.86 - 4.47m
Structural steel: 950 t (298 kg/m2)

The new bridge over the Tisza river at Vásárosnamény was designed in 2010. The statical system is a continuous three span haunched beam. The cross section is a box section with inclined webs and an orthotropic deck. , the vertical profile is a R=3500 m curvature. The bridge will be opened to traffic in 2012.

Contractors: Hídépítő Ltd., KÖZGÉP Ltd.