Large bridges

Tisza-bridge at Tiszaug
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 52,30 + 2 x 103,00 + 52,30m
Traffic lanes: 2,40 m pedestrian/cycle lane + 8,50 m roadway + 0,50 m curb
Length of the bridge: 311,60 m
Width of the bridge: 12,00 m
Structural depth: 2,77-5,77 m
Depth of main trusses: 2,50 – 5,70 m (web plate)
Structural steel: 1384 t (370 kg/m2)

The new Tisza-bridge at Tiszaug was built in 2000-2001, close to the former common road-railway bridge. (The old bridge will serve only for railway traffic in the future.) Type of the bridge: four span continuous beam. The structure consists of two plate girders with gradually increasing depth towards the middle and an orthotropic steel deck. The horizontal alignment of the bridge is straight, the road profile has a vertical curve of r=10000 m with its highest point at midspan.

Building contractors: Hídépítő Rt., GANZ Acélszerkezetek Rt.
Design: in cooperation with MSC Kft.
Subcontractor: Roden Kft.