Large bridges

'May-fly' pedestrian and cyclist Tisza bridge
at Szolnok
Spans: 24m + 120m + 24m + 18m
Width of the bridge: 5.80m
Data of the arches: span=120m, arch height=20m, diameter=1.3m
Structural depth: 1.88 m
Loading: 5kN/m2
Length of crossing: 39(ramp)+90( bridge)+40(

The 'Mayfly' pedestrian/cyclist Tisza bridge at Szolnok was opened to traffic in 2011. The river bridge is a 120 m span steel arch bridge consisting of two splayed tubular arches and a trussed deck girder suspended with tie-rods. The approach bridges are multispan R.C. slab bridges. The total length of the crossing is 450 m with the ramps at the ends. The project included the reconstruction of the adjoining Tiszai hajósok square as well. General and bridge design: Pont-Terv Ltd, architectural design: A.D.U. Architects.

Co-designer: A.D.U. Architects
General contractor: KÖZGÉP Ltd.