Tisza flood bridge at Szolnok
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 10,10 + 15 x 16,20 + 10,10 m
Traffic lanes: 2,40m sidewalk/cycle lane + 9,00m roadway + 2,40m sidewalk/cycle lane
Length of the bridge: 264,00 m
Width of the bridge: 14,87 m
Structural depth: 1,43 m
Prestressing: 4-4 pcs of VT-CMM 04-150 prestressing cables / side

The Tisza Flood Bridge at Szolnok has been reconstructed in 1996. The multispan deck consisting of prestressed precast bridge beams has been strenghtened with external prestressing cables. The tendons protected with doubly extruded PE cover are lead along the outer beams in the whole length (ca.260 m) of the bridge, with changes of direction on saddles at midspans and at supports. The special steel structures of the lower saddles are connected with transversal Dywidag bars below the bridge so as to lead transversal prestressing into the deck, simultaneously with the longitudinal prestressing. In this way the co-action of the inner beams could be improved.

Building contractor: Hídépítő Rt.