Large bridges

M0 Szentendre Danube branch bridge
Length of the bridge: 331.20m
Width of the bridge: 16.72 + 0.47 + 16.72 m
Spans: 93m + 144m + 93m
Traffic lanes: 3.4m sidewalk + 12.75m carriageway + 0.57m curb
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 4.50m
Depth of main girders: 4.30m, 4.10m
Structural steel: 2 x 1850 t, (334 kg/m2)

The Szentendre Danube branch bridge of the M0 orbital Motorway has been built in 2007-2008. The crossing consists of separate superstructures for each carriageway. The statical system: continuous three span beam bridges. The cross section is a box section with inclined webs and an orthotropic deck. The bridge is straight in plan, the vertical grade is 0,5%.

Contractor: Hídépítő Ltd., KÖZGÉP Ltd.