Large bridges

"Szent László" Danube bridge at Szekszárd
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span (river bridge): 80,00 + 3 x 120,00 + 80,00 m
Traffic lanes: 2,40 m foot/cycle-road + 10,00 m roadway + 0,57 m service walk
Length of the bridge: 520,50 m
Width of the bridge: 14,00 m
Structural depth: 3,78 m
Depth of main trusses: 3,80 m (upstream); 3,61 m (downstream) – in vertical projection of web
Structural steel: 2800 t (384 kg/m2)

The new Danube-bridge at Szekszárd was built in 2002. Type of the river bridge: 5 span continuous steel beam. The cross section is box of constant depth with inclined web plates and an orthotropic deck. The horizontal alignment of the bridge is straight, the vertical road profile has a vertical curve of r=10000 m with its highest point at midspan.

Building contractors: MAHÍD 2000 Rt., GANZ Acélszerkezetek Rt.
Design: inn cooperation with UVATERV Rt.