Szeged, Southern Tisza-Bridge (feasibility study)
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 5 x 45,00 + 180,00 + 3 x 45,00 m
Traffic lanes: 2,40 m sidewalk/cycle lane + 8,00 m roadway + 0,75 m service walk
Length of the bridge: 540,00 m
Width of the bridge: 14,05 m
Structural depth: 2,60 m

The feasibility study for the new Southern Tisza-Bridge at Szeged has been prepared in 2001. The proposed bridge would close the missing southern part of the urban ring road. The capacity of the crossing can be later increased with the construction of a second bridge near to the first one. Among several proposals the cable-stayed bridge is shown here. The stiffening girder is a steel box section with inclined web plates and an orthotropic deck. The pylons are steel structures as well. The horizontal alignment is straight, the road profile has a vertical curve.