Large bridges

M6 Motorway, Szebény viaduct
Length of the bridge: 866.0 m
Width of the bridge: 2 x 12.07 m
Spans: 80.0m + 6x100.0m + 2x92.0m
Traffic lanes: 1.57m sidewalk + 10.00m carriageway + 0.50m curb
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 3.40 m
Depth of main girders: 3.20m (higher), 3.04m (lower)
Structural steel: 7332 t (351 kg/m2)

With it’s almost 900 m length the viaduct of the M6 Motorway at Szebény is the second longest viaduct of Hungary. Both the left and the right carriageway superstructures are nine span continuous beam bridges of constant height a steel box cross sections with orthotropic steel decks. The bridge was launched from one side without auxiliary supports. Due to the big cantilever length the steel nose was suspended on auxiliary masts – applied for the first time in Hungary. The slender R.C. piers reach 28 m height. The superstructure is straight in plan, the longitudinal grade is 0,53 %. The bridge was built between 2008 and 2010.

Contractors: Colas Ltd., KÖZGÉP Ltd.