Rába-Bridge at Rábahídvég
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 61,20 m
Traffic lanes: 1,25 m sidewalk + 8,00 m roadway + 1,25 m sidewalk
Length of the bridge: 63,20 m
Width of the bridge: 11,00 m
Structural depth: 1,30 m
Prestressing: Longitudinally 8pcs 7T15, for cross girders 2pcs 3T15 „Freyssinet” cable

The Rába-Bridge at Rábahídvég on trunk road No.8 was built in 1948 and reconstructed in 1995. The main girders are tied R.C. arches with rigid steel reinforcement, the deck is a R.C. plate supported by cross- and longitudinal girders. The hangers have been replaced for Dywidag bars. The main aim of the reconstruction was to increase the load bearing capacity of the bridge from the original 20 to up to 80 to. The strenghtening of the deck required the R.C. mantling of the longitudinal girders and the crossgirder ends, an additional concrete layer of 6 cm thickness on top of the deck and the external prestressing of the cross girders. In order to reach the required „A” class load bearing capacity, the longitudinal external prestressing of the deck and the injection of the steel tubes inside the R.C. arches was also necessary.