Small structures

Arched bridge at the Nagykunság flood reservoir
Length of the bridge: 81.80 m
Width of the bridge: 12.55 m
Span: 80,0 m
Traffic lanes: 2.10m foot/cycle road + 8.50m carriageway + 0.75m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Structural depth: 1.40m
Structural steel: 296 t (160 kg/m2)

The bridge over the channel of the Nagykunsági flood reservoir will be built in 2011. The superstructure is an arch bridge having two open arches. The deck structure is composed of a steel grid of stringers and cross girders in composite action with the R.C. deck slab. The tie-rods are high-strength steel bars. The bridge is straight in plan, the vertical profile is a R=3500 m curvature.

Contractors: Bilfinger-Berger Ltd., MCE