Study of the new bridge over the Danube at Mohács
Length of the bridge: 418 m
Width of the bridge: 16.70 m
Spans: 240 + 96 + 80,0 m (river bridge)
Traffic lanes: 4,20 m footway + 11,00 m carriageway + 1,50 m footway
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 2.56 m
Structural steel weight: 90 m (above the deck)

The study for the new cable-stayed Danube-bridge at Mohács has been designed in 2014. The superstructure is a 3 span continuous stiffening girder suspended with two planes of cables on the pylon. The stiffening girder has an open cross section consisting of two sidal main beams and an R.C. deck in composite action. The deck is supported with steel cross beams as well. The „A” legged R.C. pylon is 90 m hight. The bridge is straight in plan, the adjoining flood bridge on the right bank is almost 200 m long. There is a northern and a southern alternative for the site, the below data refer to the southern one.