Margit-bridge, Budapest
island connection
Length of the bridge: 70.01m
Width of the bridge: 13.30m
Span: 69.64m
Traffic lanes: 3.65m footway + 6.00m carriageway + 3.65m footway
Loading class: "B" (400kN)
Structural depth: 1.02 m (deck structure)
Depth of main trusses: 2 - 9 m

The Margit bridge at Budapest was reconstructed in 2009-2010. Pont-Terv has designed the reconstruction of the island connection bridge, which is still the original structure built in 1900. Similarly to the main bridge, the main girders were kept, but the deck was replaced for a new orthotropic steel deck. According to the basic conception the new bridge should remind the people on the appearence of the original 100 years old bridge. In order to achieve this, period-like curbs, lamps and handrails with cast iron ornaments were mounted on the bridge. Even the toll-pay house will be rebuilt with a new function but unchanged look in a later phase as well.

Leader of design consortium: CÉH Ltd.