Rába bridge at Marcaltő
Length of the bridge: 121 m (mederhíd: 72m, ártéri híd: 49m)
Width of the bridge: 7.83 m
Spans: 71.25 + 2x24 m
Traffic lanes: 0.575m curb + 6.70m carriageway + 0.575m curb
Loading class: "B" (400kN)
Structural depth: 1.45 m (river bridge), 1.36m (flood bridge)
Structural steel: 178t (deck of river bridge) + 42t (new flood superstructures)

The Rába river bridge at Marcaltő was built after World War II. from the material of other destroyed bridges. During the reconstruction in 2011 the R.C. deck of the tied arch river-bridge –will be replaced for an orthotropic steel deck, and the tie-rod will be replaced as well. The main arches and the suspension rods will be kept after the necessary repairs. The composite beam structure of the two-span flood bridges will be fully replaced. The bridge is straight in plan, the road profile will be lifted in order to achieve the necesary longitudinal grade.