Small structures

M7 Motorway, Z-7 overpass
Length of the bridge: 171.0 m
Width of the bridge: 14.41m (left side), 15.60m (right side)
Spans: 23.30 + 3x33.62 + 23.62 + 19.30 = 167.08 m
Traffic lanes: 0.565m curb + 13.72m carriageway + 1.315m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Structural depth: 1.55 m

The Z7 Bridge of the M7 Motorway crosses a railway line not far from Nagykanizsa. The extreme low (35!) skew angle of the crossing resulted in a long bridge consisting of different spans. The small structural depth and the easy erection above the tracks required slender precast elements. These requirements could be met by a multispan bridge beam deck. The superstructure is fixed to the substructures on the central 2-3 supports. On the sidal piers and the abutments neoprene bearings are applied. Movement joints are installed at the abutments. The bridge consist of two separate bridges, one for each carriageway. The substructures consist of circular columns founded with high diameter bored piles. The bridge is curved on plan (r = 3900 m), the longitudinal grade changes from 0,5 to 1,0 %. The bridge was opened to traffic in 2008.

Contractor: Porr Ltd.