Large bridges

S16. Viaduct of M7 Motorway at Balatonszárszó
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 32,0 m + 5*40,0 m + 32,0 m
Traffic lanes: 1,335 m service walk + 14,25 m roadway + 0,565 m curb
Length of the bridge: 265,60 m
Width of the bridge: 2*16,15 m
Structural depth: 2,95 m

There are several viaducts along the new section of the M7 Motorway between Balatonszárszó and Ordacsehi. The S.16. Viaduct at Balatonszárszó (sta 125+752 km) was built in 2004, according to the plans of Pont-TERV Ltd. The motorway crosses the ca. 24 m deep valley on two parallel separate bridges divided by a gap. The substructers are hollow section piers founded with dia 1,20 m bored piles. The multispan continuous superstructures were incrementally launched with the aid of a steel nose. The parallel construction cables are grouted internal cables, while the additional cables for the final stage are unbounded external ones with double protection, led in the inner of the box girders on deflection saddles. The bridge is straight in plan, the longitudinal grade is 0,61%.

Building contractor: Hídépítő Rt.