Small structures

M6 Motorway, No.H-28 bridge
Length of the bridge: 250.0 m
Width of the bridge: 18.77m (left side), 13.83m (right side)
Spans: 24,5m + 8x25,0m + 24,5m
Traffic lanes: 1.265m sidewalk + 16.94m carriageway + 0.5650m curb
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Structural depth: 2.19m
Structural steel: 960 t (118 kg/m2)

The bridge No. 28 of the Budapest-Dunaújváros section of the M6 Motorway crosses the Pusztaszabolcs-Dunaújváros railway line at sta 51+802 km. The extremely low (21°!) skew angle and the future need for additional tracks required a light superstructure of small structural depth, which can be supported by columns and is easy to erect above the existing railway. The solution was a multispan composite bridge consisiting of simply supported steel girders. The R.C. deck is partly continuous, partly cut with expansion joints above the supports. The substructures are dia 1,0 m columns with large diameter bored pile foundations. The main girders are supported by the cantilevers of the cap beams on top of the columns. The superstructure is curved in plane (R=2600 m). The bridge was constructed in 2005.

Contractors: Porr Ltd., MÁV Hídépítő Ltd.