Large bridges

M4 motorway, bridge over the Millér-csatorna
Length of the bridge: 116.40 m
Width of the bridge: 2 x 14.04 m
Spans: 35 + 45 + 35 m
Traffic lanes: 1.315 m sidewalk + 12.00 m carriageway + 0.725 m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 2.64 m
Structural steel weight: 500t (river bridge)

The construction of the Abony-Fegyvernek section of the M4 Motorway started in 2014. The most important bridges of the section are the orthotropic beams of the Tisza-river (96+120+148+120+2x96+80m) and Zagyva-river (2x84m) bridges, and the composite Tisza flood bridge (40+7x48+40m) and Millér Canal bridge (the below data refer to this bridge). The structural system is a 3-span continuous beam, the composite cross section consists of two steel box girders and a R.C. deck plate. The bridge is slightly curved in plan (R=10000 m), the vertical grade is 0,5%.