Large bridges

M43 Motorway, Móra Ferenc Tisza bridge
Length of the bridge: 661.20 m
Width of the bridge: 29.94 m
Spans: right side flood bridge: 52 m + 2 x 64 m + 52 m
river bridge: 90 m + 180 m + 90 m
left side flood bridge: 52 m
Traffic lanes: 1.37m sidewalk + 12.00m carriageway + 3.20m curb + 12.00m carriageway + 1.37m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 4.00 - 6.00 m
Pylon height: 16 m (above deck)

The M43 Motorway – as a sidal branch towards Rumania of the main north-south M5 Motorway – connects the cities of Szeged and Makó. The Motorway crosses the Tisza river over the new Móra Ferenc bridge. The structural system is unic in Europe: the haunched three-cell box section consists of corrugated steel web plates and prestressed deck and bottom slabs. In addition, the main girder is externally prestressed (extradosed) above the supports. The bridge was opened to traffic in 2011.

Co-designer: Uvaterv Ltd. (flood bridges)
Contractor: Hídépítő Ltd.