New cable-stayed bridge at Komárom
design for approval
Length of the bridge: 622.69m
Width of the bridge: 20.40m
Spans: 66m + 252m + 120m + 96m + 66m
Width of carriageway: 11.50m
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 2.82m
Height of the pylon: 96.64m
Structural steel: 4800t (stiffening girder), 3100t (pylon)

The new cable-stayed bridge at Komárom has been designed for approval in 2007, in cooperation with the slovakian Dopravoprojekt design office. The superstructure is a 5 span continuous stiffening girder suspended with two planes of cables on the pylon. The stiffening girder has an open cross section consisting of two sidal main beams and an orthotropic steel deck. The pylon is asymmetric in transversal direction. The steel structure of the pylon is filled with concrete in the bottom part. The bridge deck is straight in plan, and curved (R=15000 m) vertically.

Co-designer: Dopravoprojekt Ltd., Bratislava