Large bridges

Köröshegy Viaduct
Length of the bridge: 1872.00 m
Width of the bridge: 23.80 m
Span: 60m + 95m + 13x120m + 95m + 60m
Hight of the columns: 17.70 - 80.00 m
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)

The design of the Kőröshegy Viaduct of the M7 Motorway has been launched in 2001, and is still the one of our biggest works. The superstructure of the bridge is a 17 span continuous beam from prestressed concrete. The horizontal alignment of the bridge is a R=4000 m curve, the longitudinal grade is 2.86% along the whole bridge.

Building contractors: Völgyhíd konzorcium
Design: in cooperation with Hídépítő Rt.