Large bridges

"Manshiet-El-Gamal" Bridge at Cairo
Loading class: According to BS and Egyptian Codes
Span: 80,64 + 97,28 m
Traffic lanes: 0,50 m (curb) + 7,00 m (roadway) + 0,50 m +7,00 m + 0,50 m
Length of the bridge: 179,20 m
Width of the bridge: 17,34 m
Structural depth: 1,82 m
Depth of main trusses: 8,50 m (system lines)
Structural steel: 1100 t (354 kg/m2)

The Manshiet-El-Gamal Bridge at Cairo was constructed in 1998-99. Type of the bridge: two span continuous through bridge, without upper wind bracing. Composite action is provided between the steel cross girders and the R.C. deck in transversal direction. The bridge has a straight horizontal alignment, and a 0,5% grade.Although the abutments are at right angle to the center of the bridge, the central pier is at a 45░ skew. The superstructure was incrementally launched with a steel nose. The construction of auxiliary intermediate supports was not possible.

Building Contractor: FREMS Co.