Small structures

Győr, Jedlik Ányos bridge
over the Mosoni Danube
Length of the bridge: 141.20 m
Width of the bridge: 16.40 m
Spans: 41,0 + 63,00m + 36,0 m
Traffic lanes: 4.0m sidewalk + 8.00m carriageway + 4.0m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Structural depth: 2.65m
Structural steel: 785 t (210 kg/m2)

The new Jedlik Ányos bridge between Győr-Sziget and Révfalu was built in 2010. The superstructure is a continuousbeam with composite cross section. The two longitudinal steel boxes are connected with the R.C. deck slab transversally. As the bridge is in the very center of the city, special attention was paid to the details (appearence of handrails, linings, bridge lighting, etc…). The bridge is partly straight, partly curved in plan.

Contractor: STRABAG Ltd., KÖZGÉP Ltd.