Large bridges

Danube bridge of the M0 Motorway at Háros,
right carriageway
Length of the bridge: 770.42 m
Width of the bridge: 21.80 m
Spans: 3x73,5 + 3x108,5 + 3x73,5 m
Traffic lanes: 1.9m sidewalk + 18.0m carriageway + 1.9m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 5.30 m
Structural steel: 2x938t (flood bridges) + 2650t (river bridge)

The right carriageway bridge of the Danube crossing of the M0 Motorway at Háros will be built in 2011-12 close to the existing left carriageway bridge. The river bridge is a continuous three span beam bridge with a one-cell box cross section with inclined webs and an orthotropic deck. The flood bridges are three span continuous composite bridges. The steel box is identical to that of the river bridge, but the deck is a R.C. slab. The bridge is straight in plan, the vertical profile is a R=18000 m curvature.

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