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"FP" prestressed bridge beams

The "FP" prestressed bridge beams have been invented since 1995 by Pont-TERV Engineering Consultants and the manufacturer FERROBETON Ltd. The beams cover the 2-14 m clear span range of bridges. The prestressed beams are designed to meet mainly the requirements of the road bridges, but they are suitable for the construction of pedestrian bridges, and for other engineering structures of the hydraulic engineering or the building construction as well. The bridge beams are approved by the Authorities (Road Administration Licence No.: 63/2009 H1).

The superstructures of the FP-type road bridges consist of beams close to each other and a cast in situ R.C. slab on top of them. The composite action between the girders and the slab is provided by stirrups. The system is suitable for the construction of simply supported or multispan bridges of different width and skew angle.

These superstructures have the advantages both of the prefabricated and the cast in situ structures (quick construction without scaffolding, compact bottom slab surface without gaps, reduced structural depth). The precast outer surfaces are aesthetic, resistant against corosion what also results in reduced maintenance costs.

The bridge beam family consists of three types:

  • 20 cm deep girder for   2,00 -   5,00 m  clear span,
  • 30 cm deep girder for   6,00 - 12,00 m  clear span,
  • 37 cm deep girder for   9,00 - 14,00 m  clear span.

Building contractor:

Ferrobeton Rt.