Design competition for the new Danube bridge at Esztergom
Length of the bridge: 720.00 m
Width of the bridge: 32.0 m
Spans: 220+280+220m
Traffic lanes: 2x2 traffic lanes + sidewalk + cycle road
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Height of the arches: 55m, 70m

The City of Esztergom and the Hungarian Road Administration launched a design competition for the new Danube bridge at Esztergom, which could be the part of the north-south international transit corridor as well. Beyond the feasibility study the visualization was also required. The first prize was given to the 3 span arch bridge variant of Pont-Terv Ltd. The main arches connect the sidal transverse points of the supports diagonally, and consist of three steel tubes forming a triangle. The deck girder is a four-cell steel box girder with an orthotropic deck suspended by cables onto the main arch.