Large bridges

"Mária Valéria" Danube-bridge at Esztergom
Loading class: "B" (400 kN)
Span: 16,20 (embankm. bridge) + 83,50 + 102,00 + 119,00 + 102,00 + 83,50m
Traffic lanes: 2,25 m sidewalk + 6,00 m roadway + 2,25 m sidewalk
Length of the bridge: 517,60 m
Width of the bridge: 12,30 m
Structural depth: 1,10-5,20 m
Depth of main trusses: 10,0; 12,0 ill. 14,0 m (for the 83,5; 102,0 and 119,0 m span bridges)
Structural steel: Composite embankment bridge: 27,5 t (130 kg/m2)

New deck of the side span bridges: 2x193 t (185 kg/m2)
New inner span structures (main truss+deck): 2x491+595 t (390 kg/m2)

The hundred years old „Mária Valéria” Danube-bridge at Esztergom was reconstructed in 2000-2001. The existing main trusses of the side spans were kept with a new orthotropic deck installed. The bridges of the inner 3 spans and the embankment bridge are new welded structures, built according to their original forms. The river bridge consists of 5 simply supported sickle-shape trusses. The orthotropic deck is stiffened by transverse troughs and longitudinal stringers. The embankment bridge is a simply supported composite bridge. The bridge is straight in plan, the vertical road profile has a vertical curve of r=4000 m with its highest point at midspan.

Building contractors: GANZ Acélszerkezet Rt., Közgép Rt., Inzinierske Stavby
Design: in cooperation with Dopravoprojekt a.s.