Large bridges

Danube Bridge at Dunaujvaros,
Superstructure of the Approach Bridges,
Falsework for the Arch Construction
Bridge Length: 1067.00 m (right side approach bridge); 302.00 m (left side approach bridge)
Bridge width: 2x15.80 m
Span: 75.00m + 12x82.50m + 4x75.00m
Traffic Lanes: 2.40m sidewalk/cycle road + 12.00m carriageway
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural Depth: 3.58 m
Height of Main Girders: 3.40m (high), 3.61m (low) - wertical elevation of web
Structural Steel: 15800 t (right side bridge: 2x6002t; left side bridge: 2x1700t)

The construction of the Danube Bridge of Dunaujvaros has been started in 2005. The approach bridges are 13 span (right side) and 4 span (left side) continous bridges. The box cross section consist of an orthotropic deck, two inclined webs of constant depth and a bottom plate. There are two separated paralell bridges for the left and the right carriageways of the M8 Motorway. The axis of the Motorway is curved in plan (R=7000m) except of the transition parts ad joining to the straight main river bridge. The longitudinal grade is 1.46% along the whole bridge.

Constructor: DunaÚj-Híd Consortium
General Designer: Fömterv Ltd.