Small structures

Pedestrian bridge at Alagi Major,
over trunk road No. 2.
Loading class: 5,0 kN/m2
Span: 6,50 + 14,00 + 14,00 + 16,00+ 9,80 m
Traffic lanes: 0,175 m + 2,25 m pedestrian lanes + 0,175 m
Length of the bridge: 66,16 m
Width of the bridge: 2,60 m
Structural depth: 1,00 m

The Pedestrian bridge at Alagi major was built over the new section of the trunk road No 2 in 1997. The superstructure consists of simply supported "T" section precast R.C. girders with cast in situ connections over the supports. The columns are precast R.C. structures as well. The precast step and broadstep elements are fixed on the precast R.C. flight beams on site. The horizontal alignment of the bridge is straight, the vertical grade is 2,2%.

Building contractor: Magyar Aszfalt Kft.