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Trussed Bridge of trunk road No 52. at Dunaföldvár
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span: 35,00 m
Traffic lanes: 8,00 m roadway + 2,40 m bicycle road
Length of the bridge: 36,12 m
Width of the bridge: 12,80 m
Structural depth: 1,41 m
Height of main trusses: 3,70 m (between the system lines)
Structural steel: 74 t (160 kg/m2)

The Trusssed Steel Bridge of trunk road No. 52 at Dunaföldvár was built in 2003. The simply supported Warren-type truss carries an R.C. deck. The transversal composite action between slab and the steel cross girders is provided by steel studs. Though the road is slightly curved in plan, the steel structure is straight. The longitudinal grade is 0,9%.

Building Contractor: Molnár Rt.