Small structures

Pedestrian bridge of the Pázmány Péter Katholic University at Piliscsaba
Loading class: 5,0 kN/m2
Span: 20,40 m
Traffic lanes: 1,50 m footway + 1,80 m cycle lanes
Length of the bridge: 25,10 m
Width of the bridge: 4,00 m
Structural depth: 1,27 m

The foot- and bicycle bridge of the Pázmány Péter Katholic University – between the Campus and the southern camp of the former barracks at Piliscsaba, over trunk road No. 10 - was built in 2001. The superstructure is a composite beam, consisting of steel "I" beams and an R.C. deck. The bridge length and the position of the supporting columns were influenced by the dimensions of the re-used existing steel girders. There are several public services on the bridge as well. The bridge is straight in plan, the longitudinal grade is 3%.