"Türr István" Danube Bridge at Baja
Loading class: "A" (800 kN) for road; RIV C3 (4x200kN) for railway loading
Span: 102,96 + 2 x 103,48 + 102,96 + 52,00 + 52,30 + 52,00 m
Traffic lanes: 1,54m cycle lane + 4,30m roadway + 4,40m railway track + 4,30 + 1,54m
Length of the bridge: 582 m
Width of the bridge: 19,47 m
Structural depth: 1,94 - 7,64m (four span river bridge); 6,94m (three span approach bridge)
Depth of main trusses: 9,30-18,00m (four span river bridge); 5,20m (three span approach bridge)

The "Türr István" Danube Bridge at Baja was originally built as a dual purpose road - railway bridge. Due to the increased traffic of passenger cars cantilevers were built on both sides of the bridge in 1989. During the next reconstruction in 1998-99 the road and railway traffic was fully separated. The cantilevers were strenghtened to carry heavy loads by adding prestressed suspensions and stringers. Finally, the railway deck was rebuilt as well.

Building contractors: Hídépítő Rt., Közgép Rt., MÁV Hídépítő Kft.