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Danube-branch Bridge at Esztergom, Árok Street
Loading class: "A" (800 kN)
Span (clear span): 48,00 m (45,50 m)
Traffic lanes: 1,50 m sidewalk + 8,00 m roadway + 1,50 m sidewalk
Length of the bridge: 50,50 m
Width of the bridge: 12,12 m
Structural depth: 1,574 (midspan) – 2,384 m (support)
Depth of main trusses: 1,050 – 1,850 m (web plate)
Structural steel: 100 t (163 kg/m2)

The new Danube-branch Bridge in Esztergom, Árok street was built in 2002. Type of the bridge: one span frame. The composite superstructure consists of 4 steel plate girders of increasing depth towards the supports and a R.C. deck plate. The closed pile-wall foundation consists of reinforced bored piles and ”jet-grouting” piles in between them. The horizontal alignment of the bridge is straight, the road profile has a vertical curve of r=600 m with its highest point at midspan.

Building contractor: Strabag Rt.