Small structures
Mo.626. aluminium footbridge over the M0 Motorway
Length of the bridge: 58.92 m
Width of the bridge: 4.75 m
Span: 57.60m
Traffic lanes: 0.375m main truss + 4.00m foot/cycle road + 0.375m main truss
Loading class: 5,0 kN/m2
Height of main truss: 3.00m (bridge ends) - 4.50m (midspan)

A new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was constructed on the East Sector of the M0 Motorway, at sta 62+087.05 km. The bridge is a trussed bridge, the superstructure is made from aluminium. The bridge was opened to traffic in 2008.

Contractor: Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH.