Large bridges

New bridge over the Mosoni-Duna on road no. 813
Length of the bridge: 181.40 m
Width of the bridge: 20.40 m
Spans: 180.00 m
Traffic lanes: 5.56m sidewalk/cycle path + 11.13m carriageway + 3.71m sidewalk
Loading class: "A" (800kN)
Structural depth: 2.08 m
Structural steel weight: 2000t (river bridge)

The Bridge over the Mosoni-Danube of road no. 813 is part of the eastern passage road at Győr. The design for approval was completed in 2014-ben készültek el. The main structure is a tied-arch bridge consisting of two inclined arches connected at the central part. Both of the arches and the stiffening beams are steel box sections. The orthotropic steel deck consists of longitudinal steel troughs and cross beams. The hangers are high strength circular steel bars arranged in network system. The bridge is straight in plan, the vertical profile is R=5500 m arc. The adjoining flood bridges are 36 m long on the left and 176 m long at the right side (multibeam bridge decks).